The Ruling Sword of the Lord!

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Todd Bentley - The Ruling Sword of the Lord

This is a divine time of perfecting, completion of old assignments
and fullness.

The Ruling Sword of the Lord

By: Todd Bentley

I believe that as we come into 777 this July it is a true prophetic
season of completion, assignment and fullness and here is why! I did
not know when we put together our Sound of Revival event in the East
Texas for we would start on 777 check this out!

The fact that such a Biblically significant Year (5777) is following
not just a Shemitah, but a Jubilee as well, has me very excited about
what God has planned prophetically. 5777 will be the 50th Anniversary
of Israel�s reunification with the Jewish State�s God-given Holy
Capital of Jerusalem, but that�s not all! It is a year of New

This is very significant time as well we are in 120 Jubilee�s x 50
years = 6000 years. 50 jubilees to creation and now the completion of
70 jubilees since Exodus.

The Ruling Sword of the Lord!

The Hebrew number 7 and letter Yayin looks like a sword with crown.
This represents ruling authority is given to war when in alignment
with God�s Word.

"The Word of God is sharper than a two edge sword, but God needs
someone to deliver that word"

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The Sword of the Lord is the Word of the Lord (Hebrews 4:12 and
Revelation 19:15) The Anointing of the Living word is on us.

This is a year where The Sword will be for cutting away, cutting off,
and cutting through.

This is a time of completing purposes and bringing them to fullness.

A time of Kingdom advancement! The increase of his Kingdom there will
be no end. Many areas where we have not experienced kingdom growth or
progression will now open to us.

This is a divine time of perfecting, completion of old assignments
and fullness.

(Zayin) in Hebrew is also representation of the number 7 and means
rest! It is a year that we will see a "finishing" anointing come upon
the Apostolic and Prophetic people of God. It is a year that we will
see the "triune" sword of the Lord released against His enemies and
continue through this new season! " Noah whose name means "rest" was
born to Lamech, who we are told in Gen. 5:31, lived to 777. When Noah
was born it was said of him, "He will comfort us from our labor and
painful toil."

Gods signature 777 is in this year and it is a time of the rule of
God. The rule of the earth will return to Jesus Christ to the glory of

The 7 Spirits of God are also important in this time. There was also
seven eyes and seven lamps with each facet of God�s Spirit carrying
with it keys to get us through the times ahead. All these things will
help equip us for this season as we face many challenges and come out
of deceptions created by our own limited perception of things.

Isaiah 11:1-3, And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of
Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots: And the Spirit of the
Lord shall rest upon Him, the Spirit of Wisdom and understanding, the
Spirit of Counsel and Might, the Spirit of Knowledge and of the fear
of the Lord; And shall make Him of quick understanding in the fear of
the Lord: and He shall not judge after the sight of His eyes, neither
reprove after the hearing of His ears.

The decade starting with this years Jewish new year is 70 which means
the decade of the eye, vision, perception and insight.

70 Represents

70 disciples sent with Authority

The 70 weeks prophecy of the book of Daniel. (Dn 9,24)

Jacob fathered 70 children

Egyptians cried the death of Jacob during 70 days. (Gn 50,3)

70 Hebrews enter Israel with Jacob


*What do you think about 777? Are you ready for this 7-7-17!?

This year the Hebrew calendar cycle is 5-777. President Donald Trump
was 70 Years, 7 Months, and 7 days old on his first full day in
Office! The 777 is a time of completion and fullness throughout
scripture! I did not realize that our upcoming "Releasing the Sound of
Revival" event will begin on this year 7-7-17 through 7-10-17. I
believe that there is a new movement thats beginning to be released
upon the church in this season. There has been so many confirming
dreams and encounters about this season about this year 777 leading up
to 7-10.

The sound of liberty and jubilee was proclaimed throughout all the
land of Israel in Leviticus 25!

Can you hear the sound of Revival?

Todd Bentley

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The Cry of Revival series is a compilation of Todd Bentley�s best
teachings on revival and how to position yourself for revival. This
eight part teaching will bring about a hunger and manifestation for
God�s presence for personal and corporate revival.

Series Includes

1. The Attitude and Mindset of Revival Pt1 and Pt 2

2. Spiritual Hunger Pt1 and Pt 2

3. Awakening Cities and Changing Climates

4. The Spirit of Revival

5. Three Major Themes of Revival

6. Fresh Oil and Revival Fires



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