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Read below what Bill Johnson, Rick Pino, and Doug Addison have to
say about The Secret Place.

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Yesterday afternoon our first shipment of The Secret Place book
arrived at our home base in Fort Mill, SC and they are on their way to
Todd in Lindale, Texas where he has been in an outpouring for nearly
four weeks.

This book is the lifelong compilation of who Todd is and who God is
in Todd's life. It has been the Secret Place message that catapulted
Fresh Fire Ministries, multiple global moves of God, countless
miracles, and at the core of Todd's restoration.

The message carried through The Secret Place will transcend through
denominational walls and into the hearts of many believers.

If you long to go further in intimacy or rekindle the passion once
had this book is for you.

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Check Out These Endorsements

Doug Addison

When I joined Todd Bentley last year for revival meetings I knew
immediately something had changed in this man. He was now walking in
greater revelation and it was flowing from some of the most intimate
encounters with the Lord that I have heard. When he asked me to
endorse his new book, the Secret Place I was excited!

This book was truly birthed out of years in the secret place with the
Lord. Todd opens the heavens for you to enter in to this realm that
most are not aware of. The Secret Place reveals the true source of the
Lords glory and power for miracles and salvation. Get ready to enter
in and cross over into the very reason you were created.

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Rick Pino

About 14 years ago while I was in Bible college a friend handed me a
CD called, "Soaking In The Secret Place". That prayer CD was one of a
few resources that helped give language to what was beginning to
happen in my heart and became part of my early history with God. A few
years later our paths crossed and I became friends with Todd.

Recently I have sensed a new humility in Todd that I really
appreciate. My heart was warmed as I read the words on the pages of
his new book, "The Secret Place". The message in this book was a part
of my journey and I honor Todd for that. Now may it impact you the way
it has impacted me! Go get this book!

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Bill Johnson

My friendship with Todd Bentley has now crossed the 15-year mark.
I've watched him both in victory and in crisis. I've seen him operate
in the unusual gift that God has given him where spectacular miracles
become normal. And I've also witnessed his walk through what some
would call the dark night of the soul. In each part of his story is a
common thread: his life and strength is found in the secret place.
Todd's story is a story of grace, God's wonderful grace.

For it was in the secret place as a young passionate believer that
God imparted to Todd a love for people and a passion for an authentic
gospel displayed through miracles, signs, and wonders. His insights
into this all-important subject don't come from a classroom or even
another person's writings. He writes from the depth of his own
relationship with God. Read The Secret Place and be inspired and
equipped, and together let's bring an ever-increasing manifestation of
the authentic gospel into the earth.

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