Good Day,

In my search for a business partner I got your contact in google search. My Name is Mr.Hassan Alhameen,  My father is a business man from Syrian but have lost everything he is having in Syrian war and lost my mother also, I feel like crying each time I look at my father building and company in Syrian that was bomb, attached is pictures of my father business building in Syrian below. We are from the opposition group operating in Syria. We are presently in UK hiding with my father and we will not like to invest the funds here in UK because of Tax payment.

All we have left is the funds with the Standard Chartered Bank which you can see on my father account statement below. I want you to help me receive this money in your country for investment, Total funds is US$50,000,000.00 Million US dollars, I will give you 30% of the total for your assistance.
Please I don't want you to discuss this transaction with anyone so that the Syria government will not locate us.
My wife said she have been calling you on phone but no one is answering your phone, I hope we have the right phone number.
If you can invest the funds for me, contact me with the below information's:
Your full name:
Tel/fax number:
so that we start the whole process.
I will wait to hear from you.
Regards for on behalf of my Family
Tel: 703197576

Note: My father have talk to the bank to deduct all cost of transfer from the total $50,000,000.00 Million before transferring to your account so that there will be no delay on the funds transfer. Kindly assist us.

Welcome Mr.Huseyin Melv Alhameen .            


          You have (19) Bank Message(s)    STANDARD CHARTERED BANK ACCOUNT SUMMARY

                                                      Current Account

Account Name

 Account Number

Previous Balance 

Available Balance 

Mr.Huseyin Melv Alhameen



$50,000,000.00 transfer

                                                        ACCOUNT HISTORY

                            Account History.


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