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Have you seen that awesome place already? We've visited it a couple of days ago and we are so excited! Please take a look view message


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Just fuck off with this shite. Stop making a mountain out of a molehill. My comment was not sarcasm, it's dark humour (it was genetic_freak that was being sarcastic). Fairly common in Glasgow. Maybe not so much in Dundee, eh?


The truth is I genuinely think someone with Hopkins attitude is a ticking time bomb, because it's only a matter of time until someone around her snaps and hits her. Being a dickhead to people will eventually bring you that. But I'm a by no means telling people to go do that. And the only people who are interpreting it that way are just exercising a personal moral crusade, rather than having a legitimate complaint about someone legitimately encouraging others to violence. Frankly it's pathetic.


If you can't comprehend that my comment was not inciting violence, then the problem is with your over-sensitivity, not with my superficial comments.


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