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The 3 Epicenters of Revival

Lindale TX - Atlanta GA - Fort Mill SC

May 30 the Lord began to speak to me about what was happening in
Lindale, TX. I saw it like it was lake of oil and what looked like a
care package dropped in from heaven causing ripples to go beyond the
region. I saw them specifically go through the southern states through
Georgia to Florida and through the north west of the US.

The word I heard the Lord use was EXTENDING. That he was extending
the reach of the anointing and extending the meetings.

Then on June 18th the Lord brought me above the United States and I
saw what I knew were 3 different revivals taking place simultaneously.
It was then I heard the Lord say that these 3 would be epicenters
where the aftershocks from the three would extend further through the

It was then I messaged Todd Bentley. I knew one was to be Texas which
is happening now. When I had received the word there were two sets of
extended meetings happening, the ones in Lindale, TX and in Fort Mill,
SC. One thing that was distinct to me is that I discerned that other
than Texas the epicenters were yet to be decided. Following the
initial message I told Todd the I really felt that Atlanta would be
one of the other epicenters.

Just announced tonight on June 25 Atlanta is extending after a 3 day
series of meetings, and East Texas along with the Carolinas are going.
We are on the verge of there being three epicenters going at the same.

"As Atlanta goes the south will go" - Bob Jones

In Zechariah 4 the prophet is told there are two olive trees on the
left and right of an oil stand. Each olive tree represented a
different person, one represented Zerubabbel and the other Joshua.
What the Lord revealed to me is that one tree represented Texas and
one represented the Carolinas and Atlanta being the lamp stand.
Zerubabbel is from the tribe of Judah, that being the Sound of Revival
and praise. There is a current word regarding the sound and roar
coming from East Texas. The word that came to me for the Carolinas was
that it was about the inheritance of Revival that was in the land much
like in the vision of Zecheria one of the olive trees was Joshua and
it was Joshua who inherited his position as leader of the children of
Israeal after Moses had died.

As Texas is on the left and the Carolinas are on the right of Atlanta
God is going make Atlanta the point of convergence of the two
anointings. The combination of the Sound of Revival and the
Inheritance of Revival are being poured into Atlanta which an
overflowing will pour into the whole south.


Sounds of Revival Conference ~ July 7-10

Mark your calendars now for our upcoming JULY 6-10 "Sounds of
Revival" Conference with Todd Bentley, Jason Hooper, Rob Radosti,
Stephan Powell, and David Hunter.


We are very excited and expectant for what the Lord has in store for
America as we return from what is an incredible move of the Lord

ALL meetings are FREE and open to the public.

We are praying with you! If you want to have us pray on the East
Texas Glory Revival Webstream TV Broadcast please Email
Todd@freshfireusa.com your needs. "Watch" nightly at 8:15 Central Time
on our website.

Live stream @ www.FreshFireUSA.com <http://www.FreshFireUSA.com/>

Location information

Bethesda Church

2401 Main St.

Lindale TX 75771

Click Here for location and directions to Bethesda Church

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