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We are very excited to launch our newest program in association with
our School of Supernatural Ministry, Advanced Ministry Equipping or as
we like to call it AME.

The primary focus of AME is to eliminate all the obstacles and aim
you towards your destiny. You already know you are a part of the many
who are called (Matt 22:14), you studied the word and most likely have
taken some type of specialized schooling as well (2 Tim 2:15), and
your life demonstrates the gospel but you are still trying to make it
all work. Am I right?

If you are still reading this I want to tell you that you are not
alone! There are thousands and maybe hundreds of thousands that are
just like you. God has given you a gift or an idea according to your
measure of faith (Rom 12:3) and you probably have it written out even
but the question is how do you bring it to life giving it breath and


This is what AME is for!

Our Fresh Fire Ministry team has a combined experience of over 75
years of ministry ranging from multi-billion dollar ministries to
small and aspiring churches. AME will aid you developing the kind of
mind that is needed and give you the skill sets to fully live out your
calling. Whether it be a ministry, business, or some combination of
the two the challenges and mechanics are just about identical.

/Like in Ezekiel 37 it is time to prophesy to those things that have
been thought to be dead and lifeless and resurrect them. Tell your
dreams to COME ALIVE!/

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