Amazing report from Russian Crusade in New York.

Check out this amazing report!

Thank you Partners!

Our revival harvest crusade New York City was a huge success. The
altars were filled every night with Russian and Jewish people coming
to know Christ. In the picture above are many Russian and Jewish
Pastor delegates that made it possible! Thank you! Thank you partners!
Revival Harvest NYC is just the beginning!

"Over a 100 salvations during Revival Harvest America NYC! Many
Jewish and Russian believers were added to the church! "- Todd Bentley

Preaching The Gospel is power in NYC. We have had several notable
miracles, including a woman deaf for 15 years and a man with 26 years
of arthritis healed!

One woman told her testimony of IBS healing and another how she was
healed after having fallen down the stairs! She said "I don't even
need my cane anymore!"

There were many Jewish believers and over 50 percent Russian speaking
in the crowds tonight at Revival Harvest America New York City!

We made the front page in one of the largest Russian newspapers in
America NYC!



This woman is totally deaf for 15 years and she gets healed during
our revival harvest crusade New York after the altar call. What was
more amazing is how she chased me down after to tell me she was
completely healed!

This young Jewish man received a miracle and a prophetic word about
carrying a new Anointing for miracles to Israel and the Jewish
communities of NYC!


Street Evangelism

We had the teams out on the streets of New York morning ministering
His Presence and Power


We just wanted to say thank you!

Sow into Souls and Revival Harvest America

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