Malawi - Donate & Tour!  Join Todd on his crusade and help feed the hungry.

You are Changing a Nation!

In the last 3 weeks there has been over 2000 salvations and over 2,5000 Malawi children fed multiple times per week, because of you our friends and partners. It is through this kindness that we have received favor with the government and Muslim communities, this paves the way for next big push.

There is still much work to be done. We have achieved a lot in these past two weeks but is not the time to become comfortable but to keep pressing towards the goal--feeding the children of Malawi! It can seem overwhelming but together we can and it is done one child at a time.

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Feed the Children

We are extremely excited to announce our "Feed Malawi Crusade Tour". This will be a hands on missions experience like never before, you will have many opportunities to share the LOVE of Jesus and make him known to a desperate country with thousands of hungry children.

October 19th is our tentative departure date, and team will land in Malawi Oct 20 with the Crusade running Oct 21-23 nightly. Outreaches and feedings along with adventurous day trips will take place Oct 24-26 and then the team will fly out on Oct 27 landing back in the US Friday Oct 28.

If you have any questions feel free to email Ryan Whirle at

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